Service FAQ's

Do you provide sender ID?
Yes we do provide a custom sender ID, which comes free with each account.

What is validity for Bulk SMS?
We have unlimited validity for SMS, so that you can use it any time.

How much time it will take to activate my service?
Once you made the payment via our online payment gateway your service will be activated instantly.

What will be delivery time for the SMS?
All your SMS will get delivered instantly regardless of it’s volume.

How Much SMS I can send at a time?
You can send any number of SMS as you want, but not more than your purchased package or allotted SMS volume.

Can I send SMS directly from MS Excel Sheet?
Right now we do not have MS Excel Plugin to send SMS direct from Excel sheet, but once we develop plugin we’ll update this section and inform all our customers.

Can I upload contacts from Excel sheet?
Yes, you can upload contact list directly from excel sheet on our online application and save it for later use.

What kind of support do you provide?
We have 24x7x365 support for our customers. You can ask us any sales or service related query’s on numbers provided on on this website.

How can I make payment?
You can pay us online via payment gateway with your credit card, debit card or online banking transfer. If you wish to pay us via an offline method you can despot cash or cheque to our bank account and get your account activated.

Will I get Refund, in case I do not like the service?
Yes, we’ll issue a refund in case if you do not like our service for a acceptable reason. Before demanding reason please read our terms of service.

Price FAQ's

What is final Price for SMS? :)
All the Prices above are best prices at which we can offer you a service. If you want SMS quantity different from listed above here it our price calculator.

Do you charge service tax on top of this prices?
No, we do not charge any extra service tax on top of this prices. This are final prices for the SMS.

Do you have any other hidden charges to pay after service is started?
No, will not ask you for any other charges. You just need to pay the cost for the service listed above.

General FAQ's

What is NDNC?
NDNC (National Do Not Call) registry, this is monitored by TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) to maintain mobile subscribers numbers who has registered for this service. The subscribers who have registered for this service do not want to receive any marketing related calls/SMS on their mobile numbers.

What is DND?
DND (DO NOT CALL), telephone/mobile subscribers registered for this service have opted not to receive any marketing related calls/SMS. So, any kind of marketing/promotional SMS will not be delivered to this numbers by our SMS service.

What is transactional SMS?
Transactional SMS are sent to subscribers when they initiate process. For example cash withdrawal from ATM. When they withdraw a cash form bank ATM they’ll get a SMS including their balance statement. This SMS’es are delivered from transactional SMS route regardless of NDNC filtering, means SMS will be delivered to both DND and non DND numbers without any restrictions.
This Kind of SMS are used in customer communications, alerts or reminders.

What is Promotional SMS?
Promotional SMS are sent to subscribers when telemeter (in this case MSG Bunny) for marketing purpose, such as promoting products or services. E.g. launch of new residential property, launch of new car or to create awareness of new educational course. This kind of SMS are used for event alerts, new products awareness or marketing.

What is SMS sender ID?
When you get SMS, sender name or number is there for you to identify the sender of the SMS. In case of Bulk SMS your SMS will be identified by your sender ID, such as DM-777777 if you have not opted for sender ID and LM-MSGBNY (Six Characters) if you have opted for sender ID. (Please note that above sender ID’s are just for example purpose actual ID’s may differ according to terminal service provider)

Which SMS should I chose, Transactional or Promotional?
It totally depends on your needs if you want to create a marketing campaign, event alerts or SMS polling then you must opt for promotional SMS. If you want to create customer alters or opt in contact list then you must go with transactional SMS.